Book One of the Liberty Rhodes Chronicles
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Length: Novel

Responsible teenager, Libby, lives in a post-racial world where people have been bred into a single race. She follows all the rules to make sure her little brother leads a safe, happy life, but when her best friend becomes convinced his life is at stake because he has albinism, Libby must choose which is right: blind obedience or morality.

About the Book

17-year old Libby lives a life of obedience in order to take care of her little brother. When she learns the results of her Life Course Evaluation, she is excited for the opportunity to work with the Global Union – a world-wide government system that runs solely on the idea of total equality; so much so that humanity has been bred into a single race.

Libby’s friend Banner, who has albinism, is worried that his results are an indictment for being different. Wanting to help, Libby risks everything to help him escape, but accidentally causes a catastrophe in the process.

Ridden with guilt and suddenly separated from everyone she knows, Libby must overcome her fears in order to be reunited with her brother and see Banner one last time.

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