WIP Progress: Series Title, Nanowrimo, Editing

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Summer was a bit of a whirlwind around here! But, now that my children are in school, I am looking forward to getting more writing and blogging done. Yay!
I thought I would update you on what I have going on. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I finally printed out the entire first draft of WIP1 and unveiled the series name! So from now on I will be referring to WIP1 as Book One of the Liberty Rhodes Chronicles. #libertyrhodes y’all!!

IMG_3554In the next few weeks, I will be reading through that first draft and taking notes on what needs to be done during the editing process to make it an actual readable book.

Now, about WIP2… I meant to finish up outlining and start writing this summer, but as I mentioned, summer was crazy… so that didn’t happen. My plan of action is to finish up outlining by the end of October – Just in time for Nanowrimo! If you don’t know about Nanowrimo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month, and happens every year in November. Last year during Nano, I wrote the first draft of Book One of the Liberty Rhodes Chronicles, and this year I plan to finish WIP2. It seems insane to write an entire novel in only one month, but it is doable and worked really well for me last year.

So that’s it! I hope to have some editing progress for you in the near future regarding Liberty Rhodes and more posts following how I will be getting ready for Nano!


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