Worldbuilding… Also known as Procrastinating


What do I do when I should be revising my first draft? Do I follow the wise words of Ben Franklin up there?


I play with online house plan designers. Duh.

To be fair, I was procrastinating under the guise of world building. What’s that? Well, in short it’s the process of creating a fictional world. It can include made up history, geography, cultures, physics, and yes, even worlds. I don’t have that much work to do considering my story is set in future New Mexico. However, it is in the future (in the year 2177 to be exact) and I am creating a fictional government and culture.

My protagonist, Libby, lives in a government-run apartment building. I wanted to be able to correctly envision her apartment so I decided visit an old favorite time-suck. The online home builder. Back in the day I even had a whole program on my Compaq PC.  😆 Of course, I wanted to be an architect back then and I was fully capable according to my design skills.

Anyway, I wanted to create a plan that I could look back on and make sure that my characters are able to really see the living room from the bathroom mirror and that sort of thing. I know. Geeking out.


Above we have the typical apartment layout for the buildings in my book. You can see it is tiny. That is on purpose. You’ll find out why later… no spoilers! (Although, it is a dystopian so you can probably figure it out.)


And here is a fancy 3D version. I’m still amazed at these graphics. 1999 was a looong time ago, okay?


The observant probably already saw there is a crib and a twin bed in the front bedroom. And to you I say – Yes, there is. I did that on purpose because it pertains to the story. And that is all I am going to say about that. 🙂

So yeah. This concludes my further procrastination of revising.

But I will share that I now have a second draft of the first two chapters. Hooray for me! You guys may get to read this thing by the time it’s actually 2177.



    Lol, I am so freaking guilty of this. Writing comes easy for me. I can go from concept to completion withing 21 days at a word count of 84,000 to 150,000. What doesn’t come easy is the self editing & revising side of writing. This part can take me up to three months once I get out of the paralysis- analysis closet. Good to know i’m not the only one.

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